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#Welcome To Velomobile Zone

Wnat is a Velomobile Zone

The Velomobile Zone is a place to find information about velomobiles. Watch videos about velomobiles. Enjoy tours and adventures with velomobiles. And as well a place to find and join velomobile communities and socialize about velomobiles. In short Velomobile Zone is a place to have a lot of fun about velomobiles.

Wnat is a Velomobile

A velomobile (velomobiel) is a human-powered vehicle (HPV) with aerodynamic advantage and protection from weather and collisions. It is a human-powered vehicle related to the bicycle, made for everyday use, with a body/shell that provides comfort, weather protection and luggage space.

As such velomobiles are clean, eco, environmentaly friendly and sustainable.

Due to the aerodynamically shaped bodywork, with a velomobile you can achieve a decent speed with little effort (30–50 km/h on flat road). Velomobiles are very suitable as commuter vehicles, for shopping or holidays, also are a good way to clear your mind while taking a tour or a road trip with your friends.